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The Use Of Polishing Machine And Precautions
May 26, 2017

There are many types of mechanical products, different products use and precautions are not the same. Polishing machine is no exception, the following we look at the use of polishing machine and precautions;

1, often clean the machine, especially the chassis of the wax dust, to prevent precipitation.

2, pay attention to whether the polishing machine under the debris or rope like winding, so that resistance increases, the motor sound increased, resulting in belt fracture.

3, polishing machine high-speed polishing, is strictly prohibited in the wood floor or plastic PVC ground polishing.

4, polished in the hard ground, pay attention to the ground level, the maximum ground slope of 2%.

5, to avoid the wire was rolling, pulling, excessive bending and wear, as well as by the heat, oil and sharp objects damage.

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