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Polishing Machine Three Kinds Of Stainless Steel Polishing Excellent And Missing
May 26, 2017

Now every product has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, the machinery industry is also the case, such as polishing machine stainless steel polishing method is not the same, for stainless steel parts, commonly used polishing methods are electrochemical polishing, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing three, three Kind of stainless steel polishing method has excellent and short, below we have to understand the details;

1, electrochemical polishing shortcomings is high pollution prevention, processing equipment, one-time investment, complex parts to tooling, auxiliary electrodes, mass production also need cooling facilities. And the advantages of long-term glossy glossy, stable process, less pollution, low cost, good corrosion resistance.

2, mechanical polishing shortcomings is labor intensity, serious pollution, and complex parts can not be processed, and its gloss can not be consistent, shiny to keep time is not long, nausea, rusty. The advantage is that after processing parts of the leveling is good, high brightness.

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