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PET Plastic Wire Drawing Machine Business Intends To Adjust The Structure
May 26, 2017

China's plastic packaging materials through 20 years of development, has formed a certain plan, in the packaging store occupies an important position in the construction of the national economy played a positive role.

Comparison with the data in 1980. In 1980, the output was only 191,000 tons, the output was 3 billion yuan, the output reached 4.65 million tons in 2003, the output reached 70 billion yuan, accounting for 26% of the output of the container industry 270 billion yuan; the level of professional equipment has been improved and some have arrived Developed countries advanced level, the emergence of a number of new products, new technologies, new materials; shopping malls demand increased rapidly, the use of extensive and rapid development, the average annual rate of increase of 12% in 2003 than in 2002 increased by 16%; Substrate to overcome the long-term imports of two-way stretch film situation, and now the annual export film at about 30 million tons, foreign exchange earnings in 30 billion US dollars.

Planning the number of PET plastic wire drawing machine to carry out the rapid. There are more than 8,000 wire drawing machines, including 2240 film manufacturing enterprises, 4300 yarns and knitting products, 500 foam bags, 679 containers and packaging containers. From the recent industrial census figures, to exceed the above number, only Hebei Dongguang County, there are 546 plastic companies, production capacity of 100,000 tons

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