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Drawing Machine Performance Common Sense
May 26, 2017

Drawing machine is a wide range of machinery and equipment, but also large customers need a larger product, but the understanding of the drawing machine is very little, understand the function of drawing machine, help manufacturers to produce efficiently, and the quality of production Good product, then what is the function of the drawing machine?

The function of the drawing machine

(1) firmly adsorbed on the appearance of the wire and into the drawing die with the wire, effectively separating the two interfaces of the deformation zone;

(2) high pressure and high temperature, in the drawing of the high pressure and temperature conditions, the smooth film can maintain its continuity and smoothness without damage, no coking, no caking and transformation, that is, physical and Chemical stability;

(3) has excellent extensibility and smoothness, that is not only can be firmly adsorbed on the appearance of the wire, but also with the wire extension deformation, smooth film was layered structure, each layer of molecular strength, the layers of molecules Weak combination;

(4) Compositions that make up the smoothing agent do not react chemically with the wire matrix, generate compounds that affect the function of the wire, or cause corrosion to the wire, and simply remove

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