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What is the most critical polishing machine?
May 26, 2017

The key to the polishing machine is to operate to obtain the maximum polishing rate, thereby removing the polishing layer from the polishing layer. At the same time, the polished damage layer does not affect the final observed tissue without causing the wrong tissue. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive to ensure that the polishing rate greatly eliminates the polished damage layer, but the depth of the polishing layer is deep; the latter needs to be used in the best materials to make the polishing layer lighter, but the polishing rate is low.

The increase in the hardness of the polishing increases the difficulty of grinding the different hardness, but the surface roughness after polishing is reduced. Due to the increased hardness to achieve the desired polishing time corresponding to the low growth roughness. At the same time, the high hardness, the possibility of a corresponding reduction in polishing.

Polishing machine structure is simple, but also need to use properly, do routine maintenance, pay attention to the following points in use. Continuous working time is too long when the polishing machine, polishing wheel friction temperature is high, easy to burn the leather surface, after cooling. The work roll surface should be cleaned before and after the polishing, waxing, and keep the roller surface smooth and clean. Use appropriate, feed roller pressure control to avoid too much resistance, electric heating is easy to burn. Good lubrication of the rotating part of the chain, to maintain accurate and reliable transmission.

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