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Polishing machine polishing tips
May 26, 2017

Polishing machine polishing, grinding and polishing disc samples should be absolutely parallel and gently press on the polishing disc, pay attention to prevent the sample fly out, because the pressure is too large to produce a new mark. At the same time, the sample should be rotated and moved back and forth along the radius of rotation to avoid excessive wear of the fabric. To add the powder suspension during the polishing process, the polishing fabric will maintain a certain humidity.

The polishing time should be removed by scratching longer than the time required to remove the deformed layer at the same time. In rough polished smooth, but dull, microscopic wear uniform, is fine polished. Fine polishing turntable speed can be appropriately increased, polished time to remove the damage layer rough polishing is appropriate. After fine grinding polished bright as a mirror, do not grasp the conditions in the bright field microscope, but the opposite lighting conditions still see signs.

Humidity is too much of the wear and tear to reduce the polishing, the hard phase samples appear embossed and non-metallic inclusions of steel and cast iron with tails. "The phenomenon of humidity is too small, the friction heat will make the sample temperature, reduce lubrication, grinding lacquered lacquered, and even point, light alloy flip-flop. In order to achieve the purpose of rough polishing, require turntable speed is low, it is best not to exceed 500r / Min.

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