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Excellent polishing equipment - magnetic polishing machine
May 26, 2017

Polishing machine preferred, Drinking machine mechanical polishing machine, trustworthy, polishing machine high quality assurance.

Magnetic polishing machine for small hardware, small jewelry and other dead ends, the hole treatment effect is excellent. Can be achieved to remove dust, remove the burr, improve the product surface brightness, remove the surface oxide layer, which is other types of polishing equipment can not match the characteristics.

Magnetic polishing machine compared to other cloth polishing machine and other polishing equipment, magnetic polishing machine can be batch polishing parts, polished after the completion of the available batch and steel needle to separate, greatly improve the efficiency and polishing effect.

Magnetic polishing machine is simple, one can operate more than one device at the same time, cost savings. Magnetic polishing machine using polishing fluid and steel needle, coupled with the appropriate tap water to polished the workpiece, without acid and alkaline sewage for processing.

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